Have you ever thought 'where can I buy a strong, well built shed?'

Welcome to PA Timber Products. Our timber buildings are designed with passion & built to an exceptional standard that will stand the test of time.

Why choose us.... let me tell you.

We are a small family business made up of me – Clare, Paul my husband and our two staff Dave & Mark. We are occasionally joined by our children Kyle – 7 and Summer – 4 at evenings & weekends!! Paul has been designing & Manufacturing timber buildings for more than 14 years. His career started at John Potts Shed Centre where he learn’t the skills and passed the exams required to become a Joiner. What makes him special (especially to me) is his creativity with our products and commitment to you, our customers. Paul is the person who meticulously chooses our timber suppliers ensuring the timber is of the highest quality, he tests paints from different manufacturers so we only use those that provide the best protection. Paul manages the workshop and production of all the products, he personally takes all of the orders and builds all of our bespoke sheds & summerhouses.


I do all of the paperwork, take the phone calls, order the stock and I occasionally help out with the installation of our sheds & summerhouses. Dave… well once you’ve met him you wont forget him. Dave is a chatterbox who keeps us all smiling, above that he is an excellent Joiner with many years experience having also worked at John Potts as the Charge Hand. There is nothing Dave cant do with timber and a nail gun, we wouldn’t be without him. Mark is our success story, he came to work for us as casual labour but proved to have a natural talent for joinery so we built him a bench. Mark is without a doubt the hardest working person I know. Not only does he build our sheds, he paints them and installs them with impeccable precision.

Don’t forget to check out our customer reviews while your here, its your opportunity to see what real people think of us and our products. We dont just build good sheds we build great sheds!

I look forward to seeing you visit our display, if there is anything I can help you with please get in touch.

Clare Allen
PA Timber Products

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